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Friday, 12 January 2018

2017 Belfast City Bmx Club AGM

We held our club AGM a little later this year as we wanted to attend the earlier governing body agm's then it was difficult to agree a date on the run up to Christmas so we held it on the 3rd of January, in the Wellington Park Hotel the place the club was first formerly formed in late 2014.

We had a good turn out from club members and were able to give a review of the 2017 year with a summary of membership growth particularly young riders.

Acknowledgement of our sponsors Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd

Sunday, 7 January 2018


A late blog, but an important part of our pre- Christmas training. From October the 12th for 10 weeks to December the 14th we were doing Bmx BootCamp at our training ground at Henry Jones Playing fields.
Funded by Belfast City Council's Sporting Halloween, This was something different to move training up a level during the winter months, when most people stop training we were not only at Lisburn on Tuesdays and the weekend, this Thursday evening training with 10 sessions split into 30 minutes cross-training exercises such as star-jumps, bur-pees, shuttle runs and more. Then the second 30 minutes flat bike skills including the core skills cornering, braking, accelerating and balance. We have seen great improvements in the kids fitness and skills and look forward to seeing the gains in the 2018 race season.
Our next series of training at Henry Jones playing fields starts Thursday 11th of January see here for details.
Pictures from BootCamp1BootCamp2 (very wet weather)

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd