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Monday, 30 October 2017

2017 Awards Party

This was the first Bmx Ireland awards party, held in the Red Cow Hotel Dublin, The club organised a coach and 50 riders went to the party. This was an idea to make the prize giving a day of its own to allow everybody from kids to parents and officials to meet without the stresses of race day which often doesn't leave much time for prize giving. 
Along with the official Trophies & Plates awarded there was awards for everybody who took part. Plates Signify overall top 8 Race series standings
Jack Drysdale 7th Plate Superclass
Ian Hamilton 8th Plate Cruiser 30+
Molly Allan 5th Plate 15+ Girls
Meg Doherty 2nd Plate 11-14 Girls
Lucy Groundwater 4th plate 7-10 Girls
Nicholas Wilkinson 4th plate 11-12 Boys
Luis Reid 4th Plate 9-10 Boys
Jamie Harron 2nd Plate U6 Boys
Full Results from NPS here
And additional awards to,
Best Newcomer 2017, Andre Aroga
Most Improved riders 2017 Meg Doherty & Jamie Harron

Best Crash Ian Hamilton

All the clubs donated prizes for the raffle which raised €600 for the Make a wish foundation
Photos from the clubs

Cork, Cork 2, Cork 3, Cork 4
BMX Ireland

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Buy A Bmx For Christmas 2017

Here is a re-post of this useful blog as Christmas is just 10 weeks away. 

We at Belfast City BMX club want to promote the sport of BMX racing within Northern Ireland, but understand that it’s new to most kids and parents alike, and therefore can be confusing how to get involved.

Getting the right bike is critical, as there are many different BMX bikes, for street/ park, dirt jumping, flatland and BMX racing.

Although similar in appearance race bikes generally have aluminium frames for lightness, thinner tyres & a single rear “V” type brake & also do not have stunt pegs or gyros. The geometry of the frames is also different as they are built for speed rather than doing tricks.

BMX bikes are not “a one size fits all” bike & it is important to choose the correct size and type of bike. All too often we see youngsters on bikes that are too big or small & this can cause poor bike control.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Lisburn Summer Series 2017

Lisburn Bmx Club hosted their summer series, a 3 race format.
Round 1 - Sunday 30th July
Round 2 - Sunday 27th August
Round 3 - Sunday 1st October

As always a big thanks to Lisburn Bmx club for all their hard work putting on these events.

Pictures from round 1 BCBC
Video of the infamous gate fail

Pictures from round 2 BCBC

Pictures from round 3 BCBC
Podium Pictures from Lisburn Bmx & Lots of Moto videos from Lisburn Bmx Club, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten & eleven

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd