Ride in Belfast

Belfast has a number of places to ride,

Unfortunately not nearly enough infact a lot less than it has had in the past. Belfast City Bmx Club are campaigning to improve and increase facilities in Belfast by regularly meeting with Belfast City Council and politicians.

Google Map of Belfast showing the following locations

Ormeau BMX track

This track is completed as far as Belfast City Council are concerned, after many delays due to budget and mains sewer laying, But we feel that the standard could be much better so we continue to campaign to improve this facility by meeting council officials, Councillors and Politicians. More details here Facebook

Barnetts Demense Jump Park (Mary Peters)

Also under construction, Belfast City BMX club has been at the forefront of development working with the council to improve and maintain this venue. more details here Facebook

Bridges Urban Sports Park

The park provides facilities for skateboarding, in-line skating, Skooter and BMXing. It also includes a capsule bowl and street complex, complete with handrails, hips, quarter pipes, grind boxes and hubbas. Little Patrick St, Belfast BT1 3
more details here Facebook

Blythefield track

A little known play track in Sandy Row built in 2007 by Steve Jenkins. video here


Unfortunately fallen by the wayside, since June 2015. once a top location but closed and reopened several times each time a shell of its past. (this was not a council facility)

Victoria park

Children's BMX track great for 2 year olds. But sadly has very little to offer progressing children, as it is very flat the berms are shallow, slippery and too close together. large shrubs in the middle mean that parents cannot see young children at all times,

Glencairn Park

A derelict track,

Belvoir Track

A former race track between Belvoir estate and Belvoir park forest , resurfaced as a play track in 2018.

Lisburn BMX Track

Yes! not in Belfast, but due to the poor standard of available tracks and facilities in Belfast we have had to travel to the outskirts of Belfast to Lambeg to train and ride on Northern Ireland's only national standard bmx track. Lisburn Bmx Club started in 2012 and the club completed the track in May 2016
Short Video of Round 2 Irish National Series 2016 at Lisburn BMX Track.

And because of the lack of places to ride in Belfast we travel and race across Ireland




Courtown, Riverchapel

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