Our friends at smiley’s flight club have produced this guide to help you check that your bike is safe to use. Its quick and easy to do and helps keep you/your little one safe!

 Step 1

  • Back wheel. Try squeeze the tyre, is it fully inflated? 
  • Hold the seat with 1 hand and place the other on the wheel. Try rock the wheel side to side (not rolling) to ensure its done up tight. If it rocks either the bolts are loose or bearings may need replacing.
  • Place hand flat on spokes. Moving hand over all the spokes on both sides. These should feel tight.
  • Hold the chain. Lift up/down. Should be minimal movement but not loose/tight.

Step 2

  • Holding the seat does it freely move, if so it needs tightening.
  • Brake arms. Try rocking them. If they move up/down they need tightening.
Step 3
  • Pedals will spin but that should be the only movement. There should be no    sideways movement.
  • Cranks, standing over the bike place 1 hand on each crank arm. There should be no sideways movement. 
  • Chain ring, all the bolts should be in the ring and tight.
Step 4

  • Handlebars, these should be parallel with the forks, grips in good condition.
  • Brake. Press the lever. Does it work??
  • Headset, turn the bars to 90°, try rocking the bike forwards and backwards, there should be no movement.
Step 5

  • Front wheel, squeezing tyre is it fully inflated? 
  • Holding the bars with 1 hand, other hand on the wheel. The wheel shouldn’t rock sideways just like the back wheel.
  • Check spokes like rear wheel

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