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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Belfast City Bmx Club is now a Registered CASC

What is a CASC? its a Community Amateur Sports Club. More red tape? yes this is another hoop that clubs have to jump through, but a legal requirement for all clubs to register as a Charity or CASC. This is to help regulate clubs and does have an added benefit that you can claim Tax Relief when donating or sponsoring us.
However this was an area that is hard to get advice on with sport NI and Belfast City Council all dodging the subject to help us make the move. Despite giving advice seminars nobody wants to tell you whether its better to become a charity or CASC. We just had to take the plunge with an educated guess.

The conditions were no problem to us as its main conditions are exactly what Belfast City Bmx Club stand for. as set out in our club constitution
Be open to the whole community;
Be organised on an amateur basis; and
Have as its main purpose providing facilities for, and promoting participation in one or more eligible sports.

Once we made the
move to become a CASC it was in the hands of HMRC, again jumping through more hoops. Eventually after many, many phone calls we got it sorted.

We are 1 of only 4 cycle clubs and only 288 clubs in Northern Ireland that have so far been approved. 

The all important Number = Our CASC number is CH11736

Full list here.
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Monday, 19 November 2018

Winter BMX training at Prama

Everybody Active 2020 Programme - Supported by Belfast City Council
Last night we started with our programme of Winter BMX training at the exciting new Prama floor in Better Gym Belfast ......the kids had an awesome work out on the Prama area, and on the spin bikes.
The gym sessions are aimed to progress expert level riders from approx 10-14, or slightly younger depending on their size. The spin bikes are too big for smaller kids.
The programme also includes thunderaction coaches jump skills and flat ground skills for all ages.
All CI license holders (from all clubs) are welcome
With the Help of Everybody Active 2020 grant we have agreed the programme below ........
This will include jump skills sessions with Thunder action coaches, and flat ground skills with our very own coaches
Want to get Involved?? Please email us for more information

belfast city council everybody active 2020 with belfast city bmx club

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Halloween party at Thunder Park

Last Thursday evening the Bmx clubs from all over Ulster made their way to The fantastic action sports Thunder Park in The Eddie Irvine complex Bangor..
Everyone really enjoyed the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and we will all certainly be back for more..!!
This place is a credit to Matt and his Team and we all wish them a long & prosperous future..

Pictures From BCBC
and Thunder Park
Video Live From ThunderPark

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

2018 Awards Party

As last Year Bmx Ireland hosted an awards event in the Red Cow Hotel DublinOctober 28th,
BCBC booked a coach to the event to bring home the silver wear and the yearly ranking plates. well done to everybody who took part.

Molly 4th
Tommy 2nd 
Martin 8th 
Luis 4th 
Andre 2nd 
Jamie 2nd 
Lucy 2nd 
Jacob 9th
Nicholas 8th
Lucas 10th
Jonny best Coach and Eddie raddest photo
Pictures From BCBC

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd