Buy a BMX for Christmas

We at Belfast City BMX club want to promote the sport of BMX racing within Northern Ireland, but understand that it’s new to most kids and parents alike, and therefore can be confusing how to get involved.

Getting the right bike is critical, as there are many different BMX bikes, for street/ park, dirt jumping, flatland and BMX racing.

Although similar in appearance race bikes generally have aluminium frames for lightness, thinner tyres & a single rear “V” type brake & also do not have stunt pegs or gyros. The geometry of the frames is also different as they are built for speed rather than doing tricks.

BMX bikes are not “a one size fits all” bike & it is important to choose the correct size and type of bike. All too often we see youngsters on bikes that are too big or small & this can cause poor bike control.

BMX frame sizes are pretty well standardized across the industry, and generally follow the same dimensions (i.e a junior model of one brand is much like a junior model of another brand)

The table below shows the height, the BMX (size) name and an example photo.
4'0" and under       
4'0" - 4'6"             
4'4" - 4'10"            
4'8" - 5'4"             
5'4" - 5'10"            
5'8" - 6'0"              
Pro XL
6'0" and over          

When riding a BMX track you will also need safety equipment.

A helmet - full-face is best, Gloves (full-fingered) and Full length clothing.

The protection and clothing listed above is a minimum as per the rules of racing – we strongly suggest wearing extra protection if you have it, such as elbow/knee/shin pads. BMX tracks are hard-packed gravel, and everyone falls off sometimes while they’re learning!

Where to buy ?

Unfortunately at the moment local bike shops do not stock or have much knowledge of BMX racing bikes therefore we recommend that you purchase your bike & accessories from a specialist BMX racing shop who will able to provide you with the right bike & sound advice. Entry level bikes are available from approx £200.

Many BMX bikes sold in catalogues, sports shops & mountain bike shops are often poor quality & unsuitable for racing. Listed below are links to BMX manufacturers & reputable dealers who will be able to supply the right bike & equipment.

We have no affiliation with any bike shops, but we want to help people get the right bike for the track, and help bring people into the sport with the right equipment.

Specialist BMX shops.

Winstanleys bmx

Triton Cycles

Alans bmx

Crucial bmx shop

There are normally good deals available online. It’s also worth following a BMX racing club facebook page,

Other Useful web-links
Irelands BMX tracks
Rules of BMX .pdf
BMX racing at the Olympics
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