2016 Ulster Bmx Championships

6th August 2016 Ulster Bmx Championships Lisburn.
A late post, but here is all the info from the Lisburn Bmx Club Facebook.
"Right folks, sorry we are only posting the results today but some of us old committee members had to have a lie down after a busy weekend.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers which helped out yesterday. Without you guys it would not have been possible to hold the event.
  Lets get to it, Ulster's new first, second and third place BMX champions are as follows.
The Results:

  1st Place- Jamie Harron BCBC
  2nd Place- Jacob Jamison BCBC
  3rd Place- Reece Hamilton BCBC
Under 6-
  1st Place- Jamie Harron BCBC
7-8 Boys-
  1st Place- Luis Reid BCBC
  2nd Place- Ozzy Doherty BCBC
9-10 Boys-
  1st Place- Martin Groundwater BCBC
  2nd Place- Josh Kelly Doherty BCBC
  3rd Place- Brandon Mallon Lisburn BMX
11-12 Boys-
  1st Place- Rubin Smith ECR BMX
  2nd Place- Jake Jack Lagan Village BMX
  3rd Place- Cole Porter Lagan Village BMX
13-14 Boys-
  1st Place- Bailey Mallon Lisburn BMX
  2nd Place- Robert Maguire Lisburn BMX
  1st Place- Luka Drysdale BCBC
  2nd Place- Jack Drysdale BCBC
  3rd Place- Tom Gordon Lisburn BMX
30+ Masters-
  1st Place- Geoff Lynch ECR BMX
  2nd Place- Rab Preston Lisburn BMX
  3rd Place- George Gordon Lisburn BMX
7-10 Girls-
  1st Place- Katie Lemon Lagan Village BMX
  2nd Place- Keely Buchanan Lagan Village
  3rd Place- Keyleigh Stewart Lisburn BMX
11-15 Girls-
  1st Place- Aimee Smith ECR BMX
  2nd Place- Kirsty McGuffin Lisburn BMX
  3rd Place- Shaneice Gibbons Lagan Village BMX
30+ Masters B Final, He had a hard race but came out on top.
  1st Place- Gareth Doherty BCBC
Big thanks to Lesly Doherty for Commentating yesterday. Great job, see you next Sunday when you get to do it all over again."
Pictures from BCBC & Lisburn, video from Lisburn 
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