NPS Round 7&8 Ratoath 17&18th September

I know it's a little late, but here goes. The final two rounds of the Irish National Series took place at Ratoath on the 17/18 of September and what a weekend it was. First of all the weather, Saturday glorious, Sunday shocking! Second, we had the "white line moment", let's leave that in the past....we had some solid moves, some pedal slips but most of all a great weekend.
131 riders from all over Ireland competed making it a great weekend of racing.

BCBMX had 11 riders racing and all raced well. Reece, the youngest rider, was feeling sick and wanted to give it a miss, saying that, he didn't miss the van when he was sick !

Next up was Jamie Harron, under 7s. Jamie’s results on Sat - 3, 2, 5 in motos and 7th in the final. Jamie was sitting in 5th place but stopped to see if another rider who fell off was ok ! What a great kid. Jamie’s results on Sunday were, 2, 4, 5 in motos and 7th in the final.

Lucy Groundwater had it all to do being the youngest in the 7 -10 girls, but that didn’t stop her, She was pushing and pushing and was always finishing with the biggest smile on her face. Lucy had 9 in her age class on Saturday and made the A final finishing 4th in all 3 motos. She cruised round in 8th place in the final smiling all the way ! Sundays race was a similar day for Lucy, once again making the A final, finishing 8th with a great big smile on her face.

Martin Groundwater on Saturday was 6th ,4th and 3rd and rode hard to get into the A final after a bad first Moto. He had a disappointing final coming in 8th place down to a slipped pedal but seemed keen to jump for the crowd along the back straight rather than race ! On Sunday Martin channelled all his frustration from Saturday’s final result into a much improved race, finishing 4th , 3rd ,and 2nd in motos and 5th in final.

On Saturday Josh had 4, 2 & 5 in motos and fifth in the A final. Josh didn’t have the greatest of gates and got stuck mid pack which can be hard to get out of.

On Sunday, Josh had 4, 4, & 5 which put Josh into the B-Final and he finished a good second.

Reise, had a bad fall in practice therefore putting her out of the race on Saturday. However, come Sunday, Reise got on her bike and raced finishing 2,2,2 in motos and 2nd in final. Great racing.

Luis Reid’s motos were 1 2 3 , semi final 2nd...and 5th in the final on Saturday. Luis had a tough final with a bad gate and a controversial overtaking move!

On Sunday he achieved 1 2 2. in motos, semi 3rd and final 4th. Luis has been improving with every race however, he’s having a run of bad luck.

Ozzy on Sat- motos 2nd, 4th, 3rd, semi 3rd but had a nasty crash in final but Ozzy lad got back and finished the race. On Sunday Ozzy crashed in his first moto – dnf therefore due to a high point count ended up in B final which he won like a boss!! Ozzy finished 5th overall in the series.

Meg didn’t have a great weekend with a few slipped pedals! Saying that, she won the B final on Saturday.

On Sunday Meg had a better day with 3,3, & 4 in motos but a bad gate in the final resulted in a 7th in the A final. Meg finished 8th overall in series.

Molly didn’t have the best weekend either with a fall on Saturday which knocked her confidence. Molly had a 5th, 4th & 7th in her motos and 4th in the B- final on Saturday. Molly had a similar day on Sunday but like the rest of the club members, she’s determined to improve and take top spot next season.

Stuart had a solid weekend with a 4th, 3rd & 5th in motos on Saturday and a 4th in the final. Again, Stuart had similar results on Sunday and I ave to say the big man is improving with every race.

Beardy has upped his game. Just missing out on a A final on Saturday must have angered him that much, he went out and won the B- Final with a perfect high / Low in the second berm to take control of the race. Sunday’s motos 6, 5, 4 & 3rd in B-final, his gate in this final was his worst of the weekend. Beardy finished 15th overall in series.

Ian had a poor start to the day but pulled himself together with a 4, 2, 2 in motos and the win in the 40+ vets class.

In Sunday’s racing, Ian got 2,2,2 in motos and finished fourth in the final. Ian finished 1st in the series.

Over the whole series BCBMX had 29 riders compete which is fantastic considering we don’t have a track. Let’s build on that and bring this figure up 60 riders racing next season. BCBMX are working tirelessly behind the scenes with different bodies to get a new track built! Watch this space.

This was a great weekend, well enjoyed by all in BCBMX club. New friends made, great family sport and all in all a great year of racing.

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