2017 Bmx European Championships Bordeaux

The 2017 European BMX Championships was held in Bordeaux, France. Bcbc had 9 competing riders join the the Ireland team who had qualified to enter from their results during the 2016 Ireland Series.

Ian, Johnny, Stuart, Molly, Meg, Nicholas, Martin, Luis and Ozzy from Bcbc made the trip with family and friends to experience the biggest race for them so far, to learn from the best and have a great time riding this fantastic track built exclusively for the event. All the riders enjoyed the experience and have new drive to tackle the rest of the 2017 season.

Meeting the stars in the airport
Thursday Friday Practice

Thursday Visit "Compact and Bijou"..

On Thursday evening a few members of Team Ireland headed uptown to sample a Local Track in Bordeaux..This Track is built within a very small space of Land within surrounding houses, but it has it all - including Very Smooth Brick Berms..
Definitely worth a Visit if you're in Town..!! Pictures.

Friday Night Racing

First up was the Cruiser Class.. Unfortunately no Racing for Ian Hamilton, as he broke his Foot in Practice - Get Well Soon Champ.. Joey, Speedy, Tom and Eugene got to mix it up with some of the Best Cruiser Riders in The World.. Special mention for "Geoff A Lyncha" for making it through his Motos.. Pictures

Saturday Racing

Saturday saw the Temperature rising to over 30°C..!! Full Credit goes to All the Riders having to cope with the Heat, let alone Racing in it.. Many Thanks to Bmx Ireland for keeping the Racers in the Shade for as long as possible and for supplying the necessary EAU..!! Maybe one day the Euros will come to Ireland where we can treat them to some proper Weather..!! Special mention to Carly Hayes, who shone Bright in her Motos and eventually went on to Claim the Euro 6 Plate.. Once everyone had finished their Races, it was time for a well earned Rest, then to watch the Elite Women & Men.. How Fast are these Guys..!! Laura Smulders claimed the Ladies Title, with Joris Daudet winning the Mens. Pictures

Sunday Racing

If we thought Saturday was warm, the Temperature on Sunday rose to 36°C..!! The last bunch of Riders took to the Track for their Motos.. Nearly everyone got round safe , except for a few Crashes.. Ciara O'Gorman was Flying, and whilst sitting in 3rd she Crashed out , Twice..!! Better Luck Next time and she'll be coming home with an E Plate.. (Heal Fast Ciara).. Niall Davis and Liam Batey were Flying too, and both qualified out of their Motos.. All in All a Fantastic Life Experience for Many of the Riders, and they now know what to Expect at the next one.. Hope everyone has a Safe onward Journey Home or Holidaying.. Pictures

BMX Ireland Report and Pictures

Simon Murphy 409 pictures


The Event was broadcast live on Youtube some of these are very long (upto 6hr) we have all the links and we will list some time stamps for you to fast forward too.
Ps. note that the name on the screen are results approximately a minute behind who your watching.
Friday 7-11 (time stamps 28:00 - 1:20:00 - 2:06:00)
Friday 12+ and part2
Friday Cruiser with Results Moto & by Country
Saturday Juniors results
Sunday Highlights
Sunday Elite Women
Sunday Elite Men results

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