Irish National Series 2018 Round 2 & 3 Lisburn

Irish National Series 2018 Round 2 & 3 Lisburn 13 & 14 May.

For two days in May behind a tired park
The sun came up and chased the dark
Along the rattling train track across from the pub
from a little place called Lisburn Bmx Club

The gates were opened, the cars poured in
Aidy’s speakers began their din
Back windows framed little anxious faces
All here for the Irish National BMX races

Five tens laced resting on bumpers
Goggles breathed on, wiped on jumpers
A wheel wobbles from a forgotten beating
Coffee drank, old friends meeting

Sign on and practice, the rhythm we know 
More people come to say hello
Quiet now nearly time.

Riders to the pens.
Riders ready, watch the gate...

Jacob J 1st time out. Little rippers Jamie H and Tommy C, all the L’s Luis, Lucas, Luca, Lucy. More girls Meg and Molly. Then boys again Jamie D, Ozzy, Andre, Martin, Nick and Daniel. Then men Peter, Ian every one filled with belief and doubt,
Every one  did their thing and rode their hearts out.

Two days blurred into one. Sunshine, dust in eyes, in nostrils, burgers, bodged carbon forks, hotdogs, joy, a 16th  birthday,  chainrings, disappointment, friendship, tea, quiet spaces on far corners, nausea, elation, A listers, B finals, new starts and hard sore broken endings....

Packed up and home.

See you all at Courtown for round 4.

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