Ulster Championships 2018

2018 ULSTER CHAMPIONS.. with belfast city bmx club
All the hard work.. All the training.. All the preparation.. Paid off today for those that won the coveted 'White Jersey' and the bragging rights to be called 'Ulster Champion 2018'.. 
Well done to everyone who took part, and as always to Lisburn Bmx Club for running another well oiled event.. Remember guys, get the hard work done over the winter months, and just turn up next year and collect your white jersey & Ulster Champ trophies..
Pictures from
Lisburn Bmx Club
East Coast Raiders Larne Bmx Club
and some Mini Rocker
racing Videos
Full Results HERE

U6 Tommy Caldwell BCBC

7-8 Finn McConnell LISBURN
9-10 Andre Aroga BCBC
11-12 Jay Mackness EAST COAST
13-14 Cole Porter EAST COAST
15+ Marcus Bell LISBURN
7-10 Girls Lucy Groundwater BCBC
11-14 Girls Jodie Lynch EAST COAST
15+ Girls Abbigail McKnight LISBURN
30+ Ladies Sorcha McConnell LISBURN
30+ Masters Mark Kennedy LISBURN

BCBC is Supported By Contac Claims and Frazer Kidd
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