2019 World Championships Zolder Belgium

Belfast city bmx club at 2019 World Championships Zolder Belgium
The dust has settled, the sunburn has faded, the bikes are cleaned.......... but the memories will stay forever.
After a lot of preparation, a year of hard work fundraising, a lot of hard training and as a result Team Ireland (and BCBC Riders) did themselves proud!! The riders were all amazing to watch.
Well done to everyone in BMX Ireland for organising, ordering t shirts, race entries, looking after the kids in the staging areas and all round keeping people advised on the biggest event in BMX 2019.
In every age group each country can bring their top 16...... Put into context, USA, France, Holland, Belgium etc -big BMX nations could have hundreds in each age group, and only their best 16 qualify. We can see the progression of Irish BMX at the local and British Nationals but it was really nice to see them against the best in the world!!! . Everyone did their clubs, parents and BMX Ireland proud , raced with heart, passion and excitement.
The stand out performances for BCBC; Jamie Harron absolutely sent himself into the semi finals, winning motos all day, was very unfortunate to not progress after a tangle in the semi... He can now boast that hes in the top 15 in the world......
Lucas Mooney had a great block of motos and progressed into the 1/8s unphazed by the biggest race of his life, and was amazing. The rest of the team all did us proud, with hearty motos some just narrowly missing their qualification to the knock out stages.
Well done again to Lisburns Brian Mallon on making the semis, unfortunate to unclip in a qualifying position, and of course a big well done to Lucans Evan Bartley World Number 4...... With British champions, E plates and now W plates the future is bright for BMX in Ireland, the kids are amongst the best in Europe and the world.
It was something very special, watching the kids race, the adults race, and then the pros race...... Ask the kids the best part, they will say racing, swapping tops with other nationalities and seeing their Olympic heroes ! What a sport..............
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