2016 All Ireland Championships

Ok, people I know it's a little late regarding the race report of the All Ireland from Riverchapel but due to the injustice that happened to me, I've only got over it now! ( your days are numbers Kilo ). Anyway, on to the racing the northern clubs faired well, with Larne's now having an All Ireland champion! Well done,Jay. Below are Larne's results.
Jay Mackness 1st
Geoff Lynch 4th
Bradley Mckeown 6th
Lisburn had a great day with Bailey 4th in the A final and Brandon 7th in his group.
Kirsty finished 2nd however, Kirsty would have won only she fell in one of her motos resulting in a higher point count! That's BMX for you! Charlotte finished 6th, dad Gordon finished 1st in the 40+B final & Dean finished 3rd in B final. 
Steve finished 3th in the 40+ and Mark Finished 6th. Tom Gordon was up against it all day racing against the whole Irish development team in junior men! Tom held his own and finished with a second in the B final. 

Now onto BCBMX, only four made the journey down Martin, Ozzy, Jonathan and Ian. Martin and Ozzy are making great strides forward and this showed with both making their finals. These two lads will be knocking on the door next year, their groups better watch out. The 40+, where do I start? Both kilo and Ian got a 1st, 2nd and 4th in their motos however, when the gate fell in the final Kilo the animal was not giving an inch! This showed on the jump leading into the first berm where he almost takes his auld mate out and Ian's out of the race and watching from the grass verge! Kilo finished a strong second, Ian finished last ( 8th ). All in all, a great race with congratulations to Riverchapel and BMX Ireland for another well run event. pictures from Ratoath and results to follow...

Ian Hamilton
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